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What Is A Blue Chip NFT Collection & How To Find Them?

Guides Oct 12 2022

Since the 2021 non-fungible tokens explosion made history, we have literally seen millions of NFTs on the market. In spite of a number of shiny NFT projects that rise to the top and disappear within weeks, there are also the “blue-chip” NFT collections that investors can buy and hold for a long haul.

Only a small percentage of projects should be able to claim as “blue chip NFTs”, which makes them different and therefore much more valuable than others.   

If you are new to the space, the above term might not make any sense to you. Thus, we would like you to have an in-depth read of this article. You will learn exactly what blue chip NFTs are, navigate the top 5 popular blue chip NFTs in 2022 and discover how to recognize one.

What Is A Blue Chip NFT Collection?

The phrase “blue-chip” originates from the highest tier blue chips in poker. In the real world, a blue chip bet, stock, bond, etc. means an asset in which one can invest for the long run, as he/she will be enjoying an unaltered flow of returns from the investment in forthcoming years. 

Similarly, a blue chip NFT means a non-fungible token that shows exponential growth and promise of providing high and long-term returns. In addition, blue chip NFTs come from the most popular, established, and successful collections.

Investors always love good blue chip stocks to play the game safely. With low risk and high reliability, these stocks help ground portfolios even if they aren’t enormously increasing anytime soon. Classic blue chip companies are strong holders of value, and obviously, such a quality is not only limited to one type of financial market. Thus, blue chip NFT collections are proving to be the ones that weather the NFT storm even if they are in the bear market. 

Top 5 Blue Chip NFTs in 2022

Crypto Punk 

CryptoPunks was one of the earliest successful NFT projects one of the best-selling NFT collections to date. Launched by Larva Labs in 2017, it contains 10,000 unique digital characters of proof of ownership stored on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Compared to most, CryptoPunks have been around longer and still regularly rank among the top collections by sales volume and have a more established track record. Some NFTs from this collection has even been auctioned by Christie’s and Sotheby’s, fetching six-figure prices

Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC)

Released by Yuga Labs in April 2021, Bored Ape Yacht Club contains 10,000 digital apes which had recorded over $1 billion in total sales within a year. 

The collection has become a hit with celebrities and sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. At the time this article is written, BAYC’s price put them well out of reach for most investors. 

Furthermore, Yuga Labs is orienting to build a media empire with its NFTs as it has raised $450 million in funding for a $4 billion evaluation. It has also launched more successful NFT projects, including Mutant Ape Yacht Club.


With a collection size of 10,000 NFTs, Doodles features colorful line-drawn avatars randomly generated using hundreds of visual traits. 

Since its launch on Ethereum in October 2021 at 0.123 ETH per mint, Doodles has been showing steady progress by trending upwards

Made by the ex-product lead of Cryptokitties (another hugely successful project), the collection has made a deliberate effort to make the project community-centered from the beginning. Its early supporters are rewarded with priority minting, and Doodle holders have the power to vote on road map proposals. 

World of Women (WoW)

The World of Women NFT collection, created by Yam Karkai, is a unique social platform that stresses female empowerment.  

Standing out from the crowd, 10,000 WoW digital avatars showcases diverse women and are one of the main representatives of diversity on the web3.

WoW has also launched a second collection called World of Women Galaxy to expand their universe a bit more.

Cool Cats 

Debuted in 2021, Cool Cats is another prominent star on the Ethereum blockchain, with a very high daily trading volume.

The project has a vibrant community around it and is supported by a group of other similarly valuable collections including BAYC. Its 2022 roadmap presents a huge number of new things coming up for the project, involving games and new features for holders. 

Cool Cats NFTs are also going to become part of Yuga Labs’ Otherside Meta’s initial launch.

How To Find Out The Blue Chip NFT

Like companies with high-performing (e.g. Apple, Google, Tesla, etc.), blue chip NFTs tend to progress in value over time and early investors are usually rewarded with fantastic growth. These NFTs will hold their worth and they will probably go up massively eventually soon. Though everyone wants to get in on them early, things are not that simple.

So how can you know whether or not a project will be the next possible blue-chip NFT? There are the following criteria to look for.

1. The Content

Is it a work of art, avatars, music, a video document, or an in-game thing? Is it novel and new, or is it a subsidiary of a generally existing project.

2. The Artist

Artists with a major following before entering the NFT space is considerably more liable to launch a project that’s viewed as valuable. An instance is GaryVee who has built a large number of loyal followers on social media before rapidly scaling his NFT project named Vee and Friends. 

3. The Devs and Marketing Team 

The devs are liable for coding and fostering the NFT-savvy contract while the marketing team is engaged with the publicity and organization of the community. A project team that is completely doxxed will build trust among the community, proving it is not a potential rug pull.

4. Floor Price and Sales Volume 

One is recognized as a blue chip NFT when it’s consistently seen on the NFT sales leaderboards. At the point when a high floor cost is combined with critical exchanging movement, an NFT might be a competitor for blue-chip status. Deals volume approves a precarious floor cost; it demonstrates a venture has regular lightness.

5. Use Cases and Utility

NFTs are much more than just cartoon profile images that are stored on the blockchain. In an effort to generate hype and guarantee a project’s longevity, numerous projects have included new use cases and utility features. Special airdrops, exclusive merchandise, early access to new NFT releases, invitations to actual events, and other benefits are among the use cases projects provide their holders.

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6. Celebrity Endorsements and Collaborations

Celebrity endorsement early in a project’s life can sometimes make it or break it. A project may be able to achieve blue-chip status thanks to celebrities’ influence. However, investors should conduct their own research rather than follow a celebrity-backed project blindly.

7. The Community

The community can be recognized as the beating heart of every NFT success. As can be learned from the communities of these above blue-chip NFT collections, a new project can thrive in the space by building a large, active, and valuable community. 

Some projects give NFT holders exclusive access to a private community as a form of utility. For example, BAYC has an exclusive community that can only be accessed by Bored Ape NFT holders. 

The Bottom Line

The NFT space is still developing with new projects launching every day. However, there are very few projects that qualify for the “blue chip” status. As the NFT market continues to mature, more and more blue-chip NFTs will continue to emerge. Finding the next big blue chip NFTs might be a difficult task due to the overall lack of long-term data. With Oxalus Analytics, we can now learn how to identify projects with a higher chance of success and then make our decision easier. Don’t forget to keep your eyes on the latest data from Oxalus Analytics!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know if I have an NFT blue-chip?

A blue-chip NFT collection is consistently seen on the NFT sales leaderboards, developed by a strong & well-known brand in the NFT space. Then you can look at the above criteria to prove yours as a blue chip one. 

2. Are Doodles a blue chip NFT?

Yes, “Doodles” are one of the blue-chip NFT collections. 

3. Why are NFTs so popular?

There are some reasons that explain the popularity of NFTs:

  • NFTs offers a unique, verifiable, and immutable proof of ownership of digital goods. 
  • NFTs are available for all investors interested
  • NFTs come in a variety of forms.
  • The technology itself is also being utilized as a means to solve many real-world use cases.

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