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What Is A Seed Phrase & How Does It Work?

Guides Sep 14 2022
what is a seed phrase

A seed phrase can also be called a “secret phrase” or “recovery phrase”, is a group of random words generated by crypto and NFT wallets that you set up for the first time. This series of words is significantly important to store carefully since it is used to recover your password when you forget it. The seed phrase is your final chance to get access to your wallet, if you lose it, you cannot approach your wallet and the assets in it ever again.

There is another definition regarding wallet security, which is “Private key”. People should be aware that private keys and seed phrases are different, even though both serve security purposes when using the wallet.

How Does It Work?

When creating a new wallet, you are going through the seed phrase generating step. For example, this phrase has 12 random words arranged in a sequence that nobody knows (even the company that develops this wallet), except you. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep your phrase somewhere safe and you are the only person knowing it. Just like what is asked in this Oxalus Wallet, with a copy button on the left to save before going to the next step.

After receiving your phrase from the wallet, it is then required to re-input what you have just learned in order to make sure that you have saved it somewhere. If you insert the correct sequence, it will move you to the next task, which is creating your own password. Otherwise, you will need to get back until the phrase is given correctly.

Simply make a password that meets all the requirements stated on the screen and that’s all about it to create a whole new wallet to get access to the new web3 world. 

Why Do Wallets Use A Seed Phrase?

A pool of 2,048 words is used to make up each seed phrase. A seed phrase is a collection of 12 to 24 random phrases, such as “eager,” “wealthy,” “one,” “river,” or “iron,” that can be used to replace a numeric password with long strings of integers.

It is easier to remember and decreases the danger of human error when a succession of words is used instead of a jumble of random numbers and letters. Not to add that there are so many distinct seed word combinations that it’s practically impossible to break them.

How Can I Store Recovery Phrase Safely

There are several ways to keep your phrase secure. We recommend that you save it into a piece of paper that you keep with you, or in a note on a device that you can always access. Those are the simple yet effective ways to keep your secret password, not just this important seed phrase, but also other passwords too.

Among all, the most challenging method is to remember it all by yourself using your powerful brain. However, please be aware of the risks you may get from this extraordinary method.

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The Difference Between Private Key and Seed Phrase

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the private key and seed phrase are different. Visually, while a seed phrase is a combination of words, the private key is a sequence of letters and numbers. Functionally, the seed phrase is to recover the whole wallet that might have several accounts in it, meanwhile, the private key gives you access to just one account in a wallet.

Oxalus Wallet Secret Recovery Phrase: Dos and Don’ts

Throughout the whole story, surely you have understood how essential the seed phrase is and how to keep it in a safe place. It’s time to emphasize some Dos and Don’ts with Oxalus Wallet Secret Phrase:


  • Save your Secret Phrase in a secure place right after you see it for the first time during the process of creating your Oxalus Wallet.
  • Re-input the phrase correctly in sequence when it is required to confirm what you have saved.
  • Make sure you remember where you save your phrase, cause that’s the final chance for you to recover your assets in your wallet.


  • Share with anyone else that pretends to use your phrase for any cynical purpose
  • Skip through the steps that ask you to save your phrase.
  • Be too confident in your memory that you think you can remember all the phrases without making a copy of it anywhere safe.


Now you have learned everything you need to know about Seed Phrase, a.k.a. Secret Phrase or Recovery Phrase. Remembering how important it is and knowing how to control your own safety are the key things to bring home from this article. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens if I forgot the seed phrase?

If you still have access to your wallet with your password on a device, here are some must-take steps:

  1. Send all your assets to a crypto exchange or another wallet that is still under your control
  2. Check carefully if your assets have entirely transferred over
  3. Reset your wallet device
  4. On that device, create a new wallet and generate a new seed phrase
  5. Remember to save it carefully this time

If you don’t have that access, then sadly, you cannot get your assets back by any means. Since the seed phrase is the only way to confirm your ownership over your wallet, there is no other way to prove that you own it and there is no platform helping you.

2. Can I make my own seed phrase?

You cannot invent your own seed phrase of your choice. Your phrase is generated randomly by your wallet as it is safer in terms of implementing randomness. Your job is to store it in a very safe zone that only you can get access to it.

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