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Weekly NFT Highlights: Magic Eden supports Polygon, Metamask collects IP address…

NewsWeekly NFT Highlights Nov 28 2022


There is a positive vibe in the NFT market this week thanks to the success of the new Solana minting, which pumped Solana volume on November 26.

Let’s take a look at other highlights from this week:

Key Takeaways

  • NFT Market Overview: Weekly volume of ~$100M Ethereum and ~$18M Solana
  • Magic Eden supports Polygon
  • Metamask will now collect your IP address
  • Cointelegraph Historical NFT Collection private sale is live
  • Givenchy drops “phygital” NFTs
  • ApeCoin DAO launches NFT marketplace

NFT Market Overview

Like last week, the NFT Market maintains its weekly volume of $100M Ethereum and $18M Solana.

Daily volume of Ethereum NFT (source: dune.com)
Daily volume of Ethereum NFT (source: dune.com)
Daily volume of Solana NFT (source: dune.com)
Daily volume of Solana NFT (source: dune.com)

On the chart of the daily volume of Solana, we can see the pump on November 26, which is almost from the latest mint project Claynosaurz. Magic Eden volume hit $350k SOL/$5M on that day as a result of Claynosaurz‘s successful mints of Solana NFTs, which is a 3x increase from the mint price.

The community believes that Solana is still thriving, as demonstrated by the trading volume. However, we must wait for a long time to see whether this can be sustained.

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Magic Eden continues its multi-chain vision with Polygon

With the expansion to the third chain, the marketplace hopes to bring Solana, Ethereum, and Polygon closer together. They believe that creators across chains can benefit from the same go-to-market approach. By the end of this year, they will launch a Polygon launchpad and a royalty-respecting marketplace.

With this strategy, Magic Eden aims to become the leading marketplace on the block across chains.

Magic Eden supports Polygon

Metamask will now collect your IP address

MetaMask users’ IP addresses and Ethereum wallet addresses can be collected, due to the latest ConsenSys privacy policy update on November 23.

“When you use Infura as your default RPC provider in MetaMask, Infura will collect your IP address and your Ethereum wallet address when you send a transaction. However, if you’re using your own Ethereum node or a third party RPC provider with MetaMask, then neither Infura nor MetaMask will collect your IP address or Ethereum wallet address”, according to ConsenSys’ privacy policy.

As a result, the crypto community expressed displeasure, as they felt their privacy was affected, which goes against web3’s core ethos.

Cointelegraph Historical NFT Collection private sale is now live

In October, Cointelegraph announced Cointelegraph Historical, an NFT collection that lets people buy and trade digital collectibles based on its articles from the past. The waitlist of 500 people now has access to mint their favorite articles as NFTs starting November 23. Minting starts at $20 for each article, with a limited supply. The public launch is scheduled for December 1.

To learn more, please visit the Historical Collection page

Cointelegraph Historical NFT Collection

Givenchy drops “phygital” NFTs

The luxury fashion brand Givenchy has teamed up with streetwear label Bstroy to launch physical NFTs, which are physical goods backed by digital tokens. The capsule collection will include six items ranging from €520 to €4790. Givenchy fashionwear collectors must first buy a physical piece, then receive an email link to redeem their digital counterparts through NFT. NFT holders will gain access to a special membership program in 2023.

Givenchy drops “phygital” NFTs

ApeCoin DAO launches NFT marketplace

ApeCoin DAO recently launched its own NFT marketplace for the sale of Yuga Labs’ NFT collections. It’s a custom marketplace, including ApeCoin staking and NFT metadata integrations specifically designed for BAYC and Otherside communities. Their plan includes token-gated social features and upcoming tokenomics proposals.

ApeCoin DAO marketplace
Screenshot from ApeCoin DAO marketplace

You can now visit the marketplace here.


Despite current market conditions, we still see positive signs, as evidenced by many actions taken by big names in the industry. Markets still need time to return to their ATH, so staying confident and moving forward is the best approach.

Thank you for staying with us every week 😉

This is the Weekly NFT Highlights from Oxalus Insights, bringing you highlights from the NFT space.

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