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Weekly NFT Highlights: Esports Giant Enters Into Web3 Gaming, Gordon Ramsay On The Sandbox & More Updates

News Mar 12 2023


Welcome to our weekly NFT recap! Catch up on the latest news and developments in the NFT world, including Yuga Labs’ record-breaking Bitcoin NFT auction, TSM’s collaboration with Avalanche for web3 gaming, Starbucks Odyssey’s limited-edition NFT drop, and the launch of 2333 Gordon Ramsay NFTs on The Sandbox. Stay tuned for more exciting updates on the intersection of art, technology, and finance.

Key Takeaways:

  • Yuga Labs’ First Bitcoin NFT Auction Nets $16.5M In 24 Hours.
  • Esports Giant TSM Enters Into Web3 Gaming Partnership With Avalanche.
  • Starbucks Odyssey Releases Its First Limited-Edition NFT Drop.
  • Gordon Ramsay NFTs Launch On The Sandbox.

Yuga Labs’ First Bitcoin NFT Auction Nets $16.5M In 24 Hours

Yuga Labs’ first Bitcoin Ordinal “TwelveFold” collection sold for $16.5 million in just 24 hours, with a total of 288 bidders winning one of the Bitcoin NFTs. Yuga announced the collection in late February, describing it as a “base 12 art system localized around a 12×12 grid, a visual allegory for the cartography of data on the Bitcoin blockchain.” The collection comprises a limited edition of 300 generative pieces inscribed on Satoshis on the BTC network.

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Esports Giant TSM Enters Into Web3 Gaming Partnership With Avalanche

Top esports team TSM has partnered with Avalanche to make it its exclusive blockchain partner for its competitive gaming platform, Blitz. As part of this deal, TSM will launch a custom subnet that uses AVAX tokens to bring Blitz on-chain. TSM will host Avalanche-branded tournaments on the Blitz subnet, where players can compete for prizes, and use Avalanche asset manager Core to facilitate buying and storing of digital assets. The partnership aims to onboard millions of esports gamers into Web3 and follows TSM’s end of partnership with bankrupt crypto exchange FTX last November.

Starbucks Odyssey Releases Its First Limited-Edition NFT Drop

Starbucks Odyssey released its first limited edition non-fungible tokens (NFTs) called “Stamps” through its Web3 loyalty program. Members can earn Stamps by completing activities such as quizzes and in-store purchases, which can be collected or resold on Nifty Gateway. The 2,000-item “Siren Collection” features a version of the company’s iconic Siren, with the Stamps priced at $100. Members were able to buy two Stamps each starting at midnight ET. Despite some technical issues, the collection sold out in 18 minutes and the floor price for a Siren Stamp has already passed $550. NFT Stamps that members have unlocked from completing Journeys are already available in the Nifty Gateway secondary market, with the floor price of one Stamp hitting $1,398 as of writing.

Gordon Ramsay NFTs Launch On The Sandbox

The Sandbox has announced the upcoming release of the Gordon Ramsay NFT Hell’s Kitchen Avatar Collection, featuring 2,333 avatars with a look inspired by the famous chef himself. The Sandbox has a reputation for delivering high-quality content through high-profile partnerships, and this collection is simply the latest addition. The collection promises to take fans on a culinary adventure and has been well-received on Twitter. This is not the first collaboration between The Sandbox and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, as Hell’s Kitchen was previously announced to be coming to The Sandbox metaverse in August 2022. Players have the opportunity to create new dishes, compete in challenges, collect recipes, and vie for the chance to become head chefs.


In conclusion, the NFT market is showing no signs of slowing down, with high-profile auctions, partnerships, and drops continuing to dominate the headlines. As NFTs become more mainstream, it will be interesting to see how they continue to evolve and impact the worlds of art, gaming, and finance. Keep an eye out for more updates and developments in the exciting world of NFTs.

This is the Weekly NFT Highlights from Oxalus Insights, bringing you highlights from the NFT space.

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