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Weekly NFT Highlights: CR7 NFT Collection on Binance, Metamask’s NFT Price Estimate

NewsWeekly NFT Highlights Nov 21 2022

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This week, the NFT market is likely to see a lot of big names: Binance x Cristiano Ronaldo, Metamask, and a number of footwear giants including Nike and Adidas.

Key Takeaways:

  • Binance launched the “CR7 NFT Collection” by Cristiano Ronaldo
  • “NFT Price Estimate” is now available on Metamask’s Portfolio Dapp
  • OpenSea NFTs will be available on Binance
  • MetaMask founder launches anti-phishing initiative called MobyMask
  • Nike announces new .Swoosh NFT platform on Polygon
  • Adidas Originals released a “Virtual Gear” collection

Binance Launched The “CR7 NFT Collection” by Cristiano Ronaldo

The “CR7 NFT Collection” was launched exclusively on Binance NFT Marketplace on November 18. The NFT collection is inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo’s incredible legacy over the past two decades, which has been admired by football fans around the world.

Additionally, Binance NFT is giving away 1.5 million CR7 Mystery Boxes to welcome new users.

“NFT Price Estimate” Is Now Available on Metamask’s Portfolio Dapp

This new function is powered by NFTBank’s unique algorithm. If there is enough market data for a given NFT, its estimated price will be displayed. Currently, Metamask provides estimates for most major collections on Ethereum Mainnet, and will soon expand to other networks.

Visit Portfolio Dapp to try it out.

OpenSea NFTs Will Be Available on Binance

Binance has integrated the necessary integrations to support NFTs of the ERC-721 standard. Most of OpenSea’s top 200 NFT collections based on the ERC-721 standard will be available on Binance’s NFT marketplace. Further, the company plans to integrate more marketplaces and chains and aims to become the go-to platform for NFTs.

MetaMask Founder Launches Anti-phishing Initiative Called MobyMask

Phishing is one of the biggest concerns NFT holders have. This has happened to NFTs of all rarities. In response, MetaMask’s co-founder Dan Finlay has created a new tool called MobyMask that helps NFT holders deal with this issue. In its early stages, this tool focuses on twitter phishing and will expand to any kind of phishing, such as smart contracts, websites, and new social media platforms.

Nike Announces new .Swoosh NFT Platform on Polygon

The new .Swoosh platform is dedicated to everything Web3 and NFT. Nike chose Polygon for its Web3 experience. The platform is intended to let users buy, sell, and trade virtual shoes and apparel.

In case you didn’t know, Nike has been making moves in the NFT space, with $185M in NFT sales revenue, $1.32B in secondary volume, and over $92M in royalties.

Adidas Originals Released A “Virtual Gear” Collection

Adidas released a wearable collection designed for virtual avatars based on Ethereum-based NFT called the Genesis collection. Virtual gear is described as a “new, interoperable product category”, adding:

“It accelerates our collective drive towards strengthening web3, and the adidas community-based, member-first, open metaverse pledge”, the company said.

Stay Tuned!

This week looks bright after FTX’s crash. We hope you enjoyed reading it.

Have a great week and stay tuned with us!

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