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Reddit NFTs: What It Is & How To Get One For Free

Guides Nov 8 2022
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NFTs have become increasingly popular in recent years. Retail investors, celebrities, and companies have all embraced digital assets enthusiastically. This is demonstrated by the fact that NFT sales have crossed $42 billion this year. According to Chainalysis figures, that is an impressive number, given that the same value for the full year of 2021 was $40 billion.

To obtain a piece of the pie, more and more artists and organizations are publishing NFT collections. Reddit, the news aggregation and community forum behemoth, was among the most recent to join in the party. So come with us and we will discover more about Reddit’s NFT avatars and how to get one for free.

What Are Reddit NFTs?

A Reddit NFT is a type of avatar available on the Reddit avatar marketplace. This marketplace allows Redditors to purchase blockchain-based pictures for a certain amount of money. It was surprising that the term “non-fungible token” was notably absent from Reddit’s corporate launch announcement, instead presenting the artworks as “limited-edition avatars developed by independent artists in collaboration with Reddit.” Basically, these avatars are essentially NFTs in their most basic form.

These avatars may be customized, but only with Reddit Avatar Builder features.  Another unique aspect is that these avatars can only be bought with fiat cash at a fixed price ranging from $9.99 to $99.99. These NFTs let artists in the Reddit community share and profit from their work.

The social network retains only 5% of sales revenue, with the remaining going to support the whole creator program as well as fund minting expenses and blockchain fees. Artists will gain from secondary sales as well since they will ensure that their work continues to earn revenue after the first sale.

Type Of Reddit NFTs

At the present, there are numerous types of Reddit NFTs available, including NFTs created by independent authors, free Reddit NFTs, and CryptoSnoos.


In 2021, Reddit introduced CryptoSnoos as its primary and exclusive NFT collection. Every NFT in this collection includes a picture of Reddit’s alien mascot, as known as Snoo. Because each NFT is unique, these images are accessible in a variety of ways. One NFT may be a pixelated picture, while another could be a disco ball.

Each CryptoSnoos NFT has a different stock level that affects its scarcity. Legendary, Epic, and Rare are some of the labels that are applied to CryptoSnoos. Legendary CryptoSnoos NFTs are one-of-a-kind, which is why they are more expensive. Epic editions are thought to be exceptionally restricted editions. Rare NFTs, on the other hand, are known to be limited edition models.

You may purchase CryptoSnoos NFTs on OpenSea if you have an NFT wallet and connect your Reddit account to the CryptoSnoos OpenSea website. You may use these NFTs as your Reddit avatar. All CryptoSnoos avatars have glowing animation, similar to the collectible avatar animation.

Reddit NFTs Made by Independent Artists

Reddit NFTs may also be acquired as collectible avatars produced by independent artists in the Reddit community. The majority of these NFTs are available for purchase on Reddit or OpenSea. Because there is no auction, each NFT has a set price. While many Redditors buy Reddit NFTs with a crypto wallet, you may also buy them with a debit or credit card. You may also look for your favorite creators on the r/CollectibleAvatars subreddit.

Free Reddit NFTs

Reddit also distributed batches of airdrops to top members of the Reddit community to give away free Reddit NFT avatars. Although the requirements for qualifying for the airdrop are not specified, it is presumed that these Reddit NFTs are only intended for elite Redditors who have earned a significant number of karma points through the Reddit karma program.

When a member is selected to get one of these avatars, they are sent a banner that directs them to the Reddit NFT claim page. One of the free NFT collections you can participate in for a free-mint whitelist now is Reddy Collectibles.

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How To Get Reddit NFTs For Free?

Claiming a free Reddit NFT is quite simple, but it can only be done if you’re already a top Redditor with a large number of Karma points. It is expected that a user needs have 2,500 or more Karma points in order to acquire a free Reddit NFT.

If you are eligible for a free Reddit NFT, go to the Reddit homepage on your desktop, which will display a broad feed of articles and topics that you may click on. The link to the home page is in the upper left corner of the page. Please scroll down until you see a banner showing “You’ve Earned a Collectible Avatar”. This banner will appear in the space between two Reddit posts or threads.

There is a “Claim Yours Now” button below this phrase. When you click the button, you’ll be able to select from a variety of themes before claiming your avatar.

Don’t be too worried if you don’t see this banner although fitting the qualifications. Some Redditors have also said that they have yet to receive theirs, but because the airdrop is done in batches, it is expected that every top Redditor will receive theirs in due time.

Another way to get free Reddit NFTs is to keep a close eye on Twitter for timely updates on projects that allow you to mint free NFTs on Reddit.

Where To Buy Reddit NFTs?

reddit nft - shop

Reddit creates collectible avatars on the Polygon blockchain. Many of these avatars have been created by independent artists who collaborated with Reddit. 

To visit the shop, navigate to the Style Avatar sections in the side drawer of the apps and in the top right dropdown menu on our website, then click Shop.

If you want to get a Reddit NFT avatar without being a top Reddit user, you need to join the invite-only r/CollectibleAvatars forum. Once you’ve joined this group, you’ll be able to read AMAs from famous NFT artists as well as postings regarding collectible avatars for sale.

There is no auction system for the collector avatars unless you buy CryptoSnoos NFTs on OpenSea. Every NFT has a set price on the official Reddit NFT marketplace, allowing you to buy one of these NFTs with fiat cash. Simply click on your profile on the top right, then the Style Avatar option from the drop-down menu, followed by Shop to access the NFT marketplace.

Popular Reddit NFT Collections

Spooky Season: poieeeyee

  • Release Date: October 20, 2022
  • Supply: 1,814
  • Current Floor Price: 0.064 ETH

Spooky Season: poieeeyee x Reddit Collectible Avatars is a Halloween-themed collection launched in 2022. Despite all odds, this single collection of Reddit Avatars created by Redditor poieeeyee has become the largest gainer of all Reddit Avatars. The collection swiftly rose to the top of OpenSea’s Top 10 list by 24-hour trade volume, with roughly twice the sales volume of any prior Reddit Avatars release.

The Senses

  • Release Date: July 7, 2022
  • Supply: 1,302
  • Current Floor Price: 1.2 ETH

The Senses x Reddit Collectible Avatars is one of Redditor Rojom’s two PFP NFT projects. The set includes three separate horror-themed NFTs, each of which depicts one of the three human senses: taste, sight, and touch. Although there were other Rojom’s Spooky Season collections made for Halloween, The Senses images easily surpass even the most terrifying sci-fi creatures.


  • Release Date: July 7, 2022
  • Supply: 1,753
  • Current Floor Price: 0.55 ETH

Foustlings x Reddit Collectible Avatars is one of Reddit’s best-selling NFT collections, similar to The Senses. The collection, which has lasted the test of time since its July 2022 debut, was designed in partnership with Redditor Tyler Foust and contains Snoos infused with Foust’s distinctive vivid squiggly line style.

Why Are Reddit Avatars Went Viral?

Only three months after Reddit launched its NFT initiative, four unique Reddit Collectible Avatar collections appeared on OpenSea’s Top 10 list for 24-hour trading volume, with one collection defeating CryptoPunks. Prior to this achievement, it was revealed that Reddit users have built three million Vault crypto wallets on the platform since July, outnumbering even OpenSea in terms of active wallets.

Reddit avatars are used as profile images for Reddit users, giving the images a glow-like effect when users comment on boards. When you submit a post on Reddit, no one knows who you are, but a high-priced NFT may provide you with additional criteria.  Owning a unique avatar on Reddit is similar to getting granted a blue confirmed tick on Twitter.

The lack of the word “NFT” or any other cryptocurrency jargon is also an obvious aspect of Reddit’s new initiative. While NFTs were shockingly difficult for Web2 users to understand, Reddit simplified the process by using simple terms, incorporating its new industry into an existing system, and without worrying or frightening customers with the real tech powering its avatars.

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