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World Cup Prediction with Oxalus – Event Details, Nov 2022

Promos Nov 7 2022
Wordcup_Oxalus Wallet 2022

Claim NFT of the team you think will win The 2022 FIFA World Cup and take home our Champion’s Pool of up to $1,520,500. Download Oxalus Wallet now and start supporting your national team for only 0.015 $BNB!

Even if your favorite team can not make it all the way to the Podium and raise that Trophy, fans still have a chance to win a lucky draw of $10 per wallet from our Community Raffle Pool.

Event Period: 4th November – 18th December 2022

Prize Delivery Period: 21st – 27th December 2022

Location: Global

How To Redeem NFTs

Wordcup NFT - Oxalus
  • Each NFT costs 0.015 $BNB to claim from Nov 4th to the first match in the Group Stage of each team, which means Nov 4th – Nov 25th.
  • After each Stage: First Match of Group Stage, Group Stage, Round of 16, Quarter-finals, Semi-final, the NFT price will increase. We will update the new price on Oxalus Wallet and notice viaTwitter: https://twitter.com/WorldCup1M
  • Users can participate for unlimited time.
  • Each NFT can be redeemed until the national team is eliminated.

Champion’s Pool Details:

  • 95% of the purchase price is then added to the Champion’s Pool after users purchase their NFT from Oxalus Wallet.
  • Snapshot is taken at 12 AM GMT+7 Dec 19, 2022. Holders of Champions’ NFT are entitled to the entire Champion’s Pool at that time. 
  • Champion’s Pool is equally distributed among Champion’s NFTs, each NFT is entitled to an equal portion of the Champion’s Pool regardless of their purchase price.

Community Raffle Pool Details:

  • 2% of the NFT purchase price is added to the Community Raffle Pool when an NFT is purchased on Oxalus Wallet. 
  • Each team has its own Community Raffle Pool, they are not connected and are funded by purchases of that team’s NFTs.
  • After the Group Stage ends, Snapshot will be taken at 10AM GMT+7 Dec 3, 2022. Holders of NFTs from an eliminated team are entitled to the entire Community Raffle Pool of that team.
  • Each Raffle reward is $10, and the amount of winners is depended on the number of NFTs issued.
  • Oxalus takes a 3% Service fee. 

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