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Oxalus Wallet v2.4.0 New Updates & Features “Oct 2022”

Product Oct 22 2022
Oxalus Wallet Updates v2.4.0

Oxalus Wallet  v2.4.0 brings great new ways to keep you active and connect with multiple NFT Games. As of 21, October 2022, Oxalus Wallet has reached 101,000 active users worldwide. Oxalus Wallet never stops growing which means it’s also frequently updated with new features and enhancements. This article covers the most recent features and updates and the improvement from the before version.

Deposit Tokens/NFTs to Oxalus Games

We are excited to announce to users can deposit token/NFTs directly into your game with Oxalus Wallet. All you need to do is access Oxalus Wallet and deposit tokens/NFTs in the same way that you would transfer tokens/NFTs. The tokens or NFTs will be correctly inserted into your game account instead of having to complete 4-5 steps as before.

We currently support deposits to the following games: Gunfire Avax, Mones, Gunfire Polygon, and Enemelyx.


Managing NFTs: Hide NFTs

The ability to hide your NFTs is finally here!

The NFTs you choose to hide will no longer appear in your wallet, whether it was a scam airdrop or don’t interested in an NFT project anymore. Hiding your NFTs can be necessary for a variety of reasons. It could be personal or downright weird. Select the NFTs you want to hide, the top right corner has an option to “Hide” it.

There are two view modes at the “NFTs tab”: “Collection view” and “Item view”. Choose an option that makes managing all of your NFTs simple and convenient.

NFT Custom view

Unstoppable Domain Is Available

Now we have also added support to making transactions with unstoppable domains registered with ETH addresses. Through this integration, you could transfer funds without the risk of human error and drastically simplify your transactions. 

You can now give them your .eth address!

upstoppable domain

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