Oxalus Insights Oxalus Wallet v2.3.1 Is Now Live

Oxalus Wallet v2.3.1 Is Now Live

Product Sep 14 2022
Oxalus Wallet Updates v2.3.1

Oxalus Wallet has officially released update v2.3.1, this is an important update with a lot of changes. If your wallet is updated, you can apply the most important program which is Oxalus Wallet referral to earn OWP and redeem rewards. In the article, we will show more new updates of Oxalus Wallet v2.3.1.

A Magical New “Gateway”

To bring you an amazing experience, Oxalus Wallet redesigned the Gateway UI to better interact with the dApp Browser. There are a bunch of exclusive offers from Gunfire Avax, Mones, etc. are also shown here.

Now you can see and add upcoming NFT drops to the calendar to get for free.


The New Face of Activities

In version 2.3.1, users will now better keep track of account history across a wide range of transactions that include:

  • Swap Token
  • Transfer Token
  • dApp Interaction
  • Transfer NFTs

Join us on Oxalus Wallet App to receive more NFTs news, helpful hints and hidden gems.

Transfer With The Domain Name

Instead of remembering or copying a long address, you just need transfer assets from and to the domain name “.bnb/” “.eth”.

We will be rolling out major improvements to integrate all of the platforms that support Domain names in the near future as well. Now we are working hard with two partners: ENS and SPACEID.

Oxalus Referral Program

To thank our first users using Oxalus Wallet, we introduce the first Referral Program and earn OWP to exchange NFTs and other valuable gifts. You will receive the Oxalus Wallet Point (OWP) for each successful referral and after your referred friend fulfills all requirements, your friend also receives the OWP from that.


What’s Next

Looking for what’s coming to Oxalus Wallet next? We plan on building upon these features to add even more functionality. Coming up next, the NFTs will include more context around ranking and its rarity.

While using Oxalus Wallet, visit Oxalus Wallet support if you have any questions or want to send us feedback. To keep improving, we love to hear from our community!

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