Oxalus Insights Oxalus Wallet Updates V2.2.0 (Aug 27, 2022): Customize Wallet and Import Tokens

Oxalus Wallet Updates V2.2.0 (Aug 27, 2022): Customize Wallet and Import Tokens

Product Sep 12 2022
Oxalus Wallet v2.2.0

Starting with today’s Oxalus Wallet v2.2.0, import tokens and wallet customization are now available. That will help Oxalus users better manage digital assets and you can also select more customization options using “Managing wallet”.

You not only get more convenient services from this latest version but also make it your own. In this article, we are excited to share some recent features and improvements to Oxalus Wallet. 

Recently Active

With our previous version 2.0.0, we’ve brought experience better less complicated, and easy to use.  

  • Swap Token: Now more friendly, less cluttered UI. 
  • Transaction Notifications: Users can be informed of transaction status without opening the app.
  • Multiple Wallets: Manage multi wallets right on Oxalus. You can complete create and import more than one wallet address. Switch wallet easily with a Long press at the icon “Account”.


Manage Token

We recognize the asset management option of the older versions, Oxalus’s users have difficulty managing each token on a chain. In version 2.2.0, users can choose to view assets by a chain. Besides, we provide more insightful information related to token statistics such as today’s price, and total volume,…

Manage Token

Improve Performance

We’re so excited to announce the latest version not only to get your experience smooth and faster but also to become the best version of security we have made, which keeps your personal information safe and can be accessed by you only.

New Features 

Import Token

Normally, Oxalus Wallet just displays the top 6,000 ERC-20 standard tokens, which are whitelisted on CoinMarketCap. We know that the top 6,000 tokens in CoinMarketCap are just a fraction of the rise of tokens on Ethereum and other networks.

To protect users from scam tokens stealing investor funds, that’s why Oxalus Wallet now just displays the top 11,000 tokens official whitelisted on Coinmarketcap. 

Import token

Wallet Customization

Oxalus users now have the ability to customize wallet themes and make them easily identifiable. The application that lives on Manage Wallet, tap Edit and select the theme you want to customize.

What’s Next

Looking for what’s coming to Oxalus Wallet next? We plan on building upon these features to add even more functionality. Coming, the ‘Gateway’ tab will include more context around dApp and NFTs projects.

During the application experience, visit Oxalus wallet support if you have any questions or want to send us feedback. To keep improving, we love to hear from our community. 

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