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Oxalus Wallet Recap W46-W47.2022: Highlights & Milestones

Product Nov 29 2022
Recap 46-45v

In this report, you will find all the new milestones as well as the latest update on Oxalus Wallet. We recognize the headwinds to the blockchain this time, so we optimized the NFT investment experience seamlessly and save many gas fees. The new feature” Buy NFT on Oxalus Wallet” is designed as a tool to help clients understand the markets and support investment decision-making.

Now, we rounded up all the top highlights for you right here.

50K+ Installs on Google Play and More

The install ratio shot up in 2 weeks. Over 50K+ people have downloaded Oxalus Wallet from Google Play in the previous two weeks.

We are aware of one the best strategies to protect your investment is a secure crypto wallet while the market is down. A crypto wallet is the quickest way to precisely retrieve your funds when a decentralized exchange fails. 

Let’s Experience Buying NFTs on Oxalus Wallet!

Digital asset trading just got easier. Our team offers Oxalus users a seamless experience when purchasing NFTs via “DApps”.
Maybe you know why!

  • We’ve been so inspired by Oxalus NFT Aggregator, which allowed you to search and buy NFTs at the lowest market price and gas costs, which was introduced earlier in November. This website’s goal of enabling users to maximize revenues at the lowest possible expenses has greatly. 
  • We acknowledge that the progress of finding NFTs and confirming transactions between 02 applications is so time-consuming.

Start with “DApps”

1. Access “DApps” gateway:

In the “Gateway” tab, tap on “DApps” and select “Oxalus NFT Aggregator”, we listed it in the category Marketplace & Aggregator.
Or type “Oxalus.io” into the search bar on the “Gateway” tab.

2. Purchasing an NFT on Oxalus NFT Aggregator:

Look up and choose the NFTs you wish to purchase.
Currently, Oxalus NFT Aggregator supports BNB Chain. So to purchase you have to have BNB in your wallet. Be sure that fund your wallet with BNB first when making the transaction.

We’ll show you how much percentage you can save on gas fees!

3. Confirm the NFT purchase:

Finally, click the “Buy” button and confirm the transactions on the wallet to complete the purchase process.

4. View the NFTs:

Click on the “NFT” Tab to can see the NFTs you just bought on Oxalus Aggregator. When you don’t see NFTs, don’t worry too much. It’s possible that your network speed is a little slow at that moment. Come back later or wait for it a minute!


“Catch Bugs, Earn Rewards with Oxalus NFT Aggregator”: Oxalus launches a new bug bounty program, which will reward $134.4 for bug hunters & particularly interesting vulnerabilities.

Bug reports help improve our products. If you discover a broken feature or bug while buying NFT on Oxalus NFT Aggregator via “DApps” or using directly on Oxalus.io website, it’s essential to give us a suggestion or report a problem here

Oxalus Aggregator Catch bugs, Get bucks

About Oxalus Wallet

Oxalus Wallet is a secure crypto wallet for NFTs, where users can buy, send, swap, exchange, invest, and manage their NFTs and other digital assets. Through the app, users can experience full service including managing NFTs, DApp browser, earning OWP – redeeming gifts, promotion events, one place to access Oxalus NFT Trading platform, and beyond.

Last but not least, we would like to send sincere thanks to all users, partners, and the community had supported us.

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