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Oxalus Wallet Recap W42-W43.2022: Highlights & Milestones

Product Nov 2 2022

It was a busy week for the Oxalus team, so we gathered all the highlights right here. Oxalus Wallet is on the verge of increasing daily active users and trading volume compared last 2 weeks. New updates, our small wins, and tips to help you reach the best results. Below is an overview of what we attained at the end of October 2022.

Oxalus Wallet Insights

We saw a substantial uptick in total members of Oxalus Wallet during the last 2 weeks. The “Multi-Level Refer Friends & Cash-Back To Oxalus Wallet (Oct 2022)” event has significantly contributed to the spike in the increase in users as Oxalus Wallet reached 111,253 members. The new users in the last 2 weeks averaged 803 users per day, starting at 100K users on Oct 14 and ending on Oct 30 at 111,253 users.

Total member Oxalus wallet

Besides that, the total trading volume surpassed $300K. This metric helps us understand that Oxalus Wallet now is a trusted destination when users of Web3 want to make transactions secure and safe. It started at $200K on Oct 16 and closed at $314K on Oct 30, representing a 57% increase, correlating with the growth of users seen during this period.

Total trading volume

A highlighted number of the weeks, the spotlight is the trading volume of swaps hit the peak of $10,9K on Oct 27. Together, let’s celebrate this special number! We appreciate you always being there for Oxalus Wallet.

Keep On Track To Advance User Experience

We conducted a series of system upgrades throughout the last 2 weeks to improve performance and user experience. To understand clearly what upgrade is in your wallet, we think “Oxalus Wallet v2.4.0 New Updates & Features” will answer your questions. 

NFTs View

We also made critical updates to the “NFT” feature to meet users’ demands. Oxalus Wallet  strived to give users more ways to view their NFTs: View by Collection or Single item. More importantly, we launched “Hide NFTs” feature to help users manage their assets better. 

Deposit Tokens/NFTs

This feature offers users can deposit tokens or NFTs directly into games via their wallet. It’s now
available to people who love playing Oxalus Games: Gunfire Avax, Mones, Gunfire Polygon.

About Oxalus Wallet

Oxalus Wallet is a secure crypto wallet for NFTs, where users can buy, send, swap, exchange, invest, and manage their NFTs and other digital assets. Through the app, users can experience full service including managing NFTs, DApp browser, earning OWP – redeeming gifts, promotion events, one place to access Oxalus NFT platform, and beyond.

Last but not least, we would like to send sincere thanks to all users, partners, and the community had supported us.

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