Oxalus Insights Oxalus Wallet Recap W36 and 37.2022: Highlights and Milestones

Oxalus Wallet Recap W36 and 37.2022: Highlights and Milestones

Product Sep 20 2022

In the two last weeks, we saw some minor but significant wins, an exciting Referral Program launch, and the listing of new tokens. We’ve gained 5,589 unique users from NFTs world to Oxalus Wallet in 2 weeks. 

Let’s take a look at the recap as we take a deep dive into our development to improve the user experience.

Small Wins

Today we’re rolling out some exciting statistics. 

  • Users reach 80,000 members
  • Traded volume hits 77,600 USD   

New Updates

Oxalus Wallet v.2.3.1

We’ve released new updates for Oxalus Wallet with more features and an online referral program. Let’s follow the improvements below:

  • Transaction history: the “Activities” icon on the top-right corner provides rich information on the transactions that interact with the blockchain such as swap tokens, transfer tokens, dApp interactions, transfer NFTs, redeem rewards, and others.
  • New gateway supported: which enables users to interact with the dApps effectively. It shows promotion events first, access easy to Oxalus NFT analytics tool & DApps browser, and event users can check history browsers.
  • Transfer with the domain name: users can send tokens directly to registered domains “.bnb/” “.eth”. Instead of typing out a long crypto address.
  • Oxalus Referral Program: official release referral program allows users to earn OWP – redeem NFTs and other valuable rewards.

System Updates

Our system is overloaded when too many users simultaneously access the “NFTs” tab. The instability of display NFTs can make you feel uncomfortable, and sometimes panicky. We’ve noted that and made sure to optimize the next version for showing your digital assets properly, fully, and on time and bringing the best performance!


The biggest event ever to celebrate the referral program’s official release. The total rewards are up to $50,000, who has the greatest effort to refer friends, and who will be the lucky winners? 

We organized minigames with partners, and grow the community together: Market247, Kung Fungus, Zen Lion Massage Club, Lasmetaio, Solana Vegas Club, DeerLuminati.

And we also appreciate the sponsored NFTs awards from partners: Galaxy Survivor, Ninneko, and HeroesEmpires.

About Oxalus Wallet

Oxalus Wallet is a secure crypto wallet for NFTs, where users can buy, send, swap, exchange, invest, and manage their NFTs and other digital assets. Through the app, users can experience full service including managing NFTs, DApp browser, earning OWP – redeeming gifts, promotion events, one place to access Oxalus NFT platform, and beyond.

Last but not least, we would like to send sincere thanks to all users, partners, and the community had supported us.

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