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Oxalus Pass NFT: All Use Cases & How Get One For Free?

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Since December 12, Oxalus has officially launched the biggest event at the end of 2022 for loyal NFT users on the BNB Chain. With our mission to be a leading Aggregator on BNB Chain, we are grateful to those who have trusted and contributed to the BNB NFT ecosystem. Therefore, Oxalus Pass is the most meaningful gift we want to give you. Right now some of you may be eligible to own the Oxalus Pass but are still wondering how to get it and its exclusive benefits. The following article will show you how to claim and use the Oxalus Pass. Let’s go!

What is Oxalus Pass?

The Oxalus Pass is an Oxalus exclusive NFT collection of 888 membership cards numbered from 1 to 888. Those who own this card will receive exclusive perks for VIP members:

  • Free Swap fee on Oxalus Wallet for 1 year.
  • Private 888 clubs: 1:1 support, 24/7.
  • Early access premium features.
  • Limited edition NFTs are numbered from 1 to 888.

The special thing is that the Oxalus Pass will only be available to the earliest 888 eligible users from the Grand Opening Event

How to use Oxalus Pass?

Owning an Oxalus Pass means you have received exclusive privileges for VIP users. Therefore, it is important to understand the benefits you can get with the Oxalus Pass so that you can use it effectively. After claiming the Oxalus Pass, it will be automatically transferred to your wallet address as an NFT. When you use that wallet address to use Oxalus services, you will receive the following benefits:

Free Swap Fee on Oxalus Wallet for 1 Year

As a Web3 user who regularly trades tokens on decentralized platforms, the Swap fee can be a big barrier because the larger your trading volume, the higher the fees you have to pay.

The Oxalus Pass will solve this problem with a free Swap fee for up to 1 year. This means that you can freely trade tokens on our platform without worrying about any service fees. During a bear market, any money saved is valuable and contributes to increased profits. So we hope that Oxlalus Pass will help you maximize your profits in crypto winter, you can apply this exclusive right from Jan 1st, 2023 – Dec 31st, 2023

Early Access Premium Features

With the Oxalus Pass, you’ll get access to all of our new features at the earliest. This will help you have a better overview of our ecosystem and have plans ready to maximize profits from these tools. As an early adopter, you can also give us suggestions to improve the year to be more user-friendly.

Currently, the features that we are developing include Analytics, Alerts, Recommendation. We expect that they will help Web3 users and enhance the experience. With early access to these features, you’ll be familiarized with them early on and help us refine them to deliver the perfect version that will make you an expert in this market.

Private 888 Clubs

Wallet addresses with Oxalus Pass will also have access to a private club just for you. In this private space, you can not only interact with other experienced users and our experts but also get 24/7 support with any problem. As long as you ask, we will always be there to accompany you.

Limited Edition NFTs Are Numbered From 1 To 888.

The Oxalus Pass is more than just a regular card, it’s also a limited edition NFT that has been meticulously designed by us. In addition to providing the above benefits, the Oxalus Pass will also enrich your NFT collection with highlights to make your card more personal and outstanding.

How to claim Oxalus Pass?

After successful claim an Unstoppable Domain, don’t hesitate open Oxalus Wallet, go to Account – Rewards – Private Gifts and press Claim, your NFT domain will appear on the NFT tab. 

Check out more FAQs

Find Oxalus NFT Aggregator on Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and Oxalus Insights.

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