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Oxalus NFT Aggregator Grand Opening Event

ProductPromos Dec 12 2022
Oxalus NFT Aggregator Grand Opening Event Dec 2022

While the core mission of Oxalus has not changed, the world we live in has especially the blockchain world is changing day by day. With more evolution and NFT trading volume increase more than ever before, Oxalus is proud to celebrate the people out there who have made the NFT transaction on the BNB chain and give them a BIG OPPORTUNITY to make a profit in the Web3 economy.

Starting Monday, from Dec 12 – Dec 31, 2022, we are launching a campaign called “Oxalus Aggregator Grand Opening”. This campaign is your chance to pick up the score of some big freebies.

Below you’ll find what to expect on the campaign celebrations, including:

To be able to become an eligible participant, you have to meet all two requirements:

Conditions of Participation:

  • Had at least 01 buying transaction on BNB chain through marketplaces: Element, Bitkeep, TofuNFT, Pancakeswap, or Liquidifty from Jan 1 – Nov 30, 2022.
  • Successfully make at least 1 transaction on Oxalus NFT Aggregator from Dec 12, 2022 to Dec 31, 2022. Read the guide to Oxalus NFT Aggregator.

We understand all traders wish to participate but we promise the next one would be for everybody. We want to make sure it is fair and enjoyable for the OG squad first. 

About Oxalus Pass

Oxalus Pass is an exclusive NFT collection that gives the holder access to the Oxalus Private Club and unlocks exclusive benefits: 

  • Oxalus Wallet charge ZERO fees from users who own Oxalus pass which helps to save you a thousand dollars (excluding KyberSwap charges).
  • Join the Private Club, 1:1 support at high priority from our core team.
  • Easy access to the premium features on Oxalus NFT Aggregator (Analytics, Recommendation, Alert, etc)
  • Oxalus Pass in this campaign is the extraordinary version numbered from 1 to 888.

Check out more FAQs

Find Oxalus NFT Aggregator on Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and Oxalus Insights.

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