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Oxalus NFT Aggregator – Welcome Cash Back 50% Gas Fee

ProductPromos Dec 12 2022
Oxalus NFT Aggregator - Welcome Cash Back 50% Gas Fee

Welcome to the Oxalus NFT Aggregator – 50% Gas Fee Cash Back.

If you’re gonna Oxalus NFT Aggregator, you should enjoy the added benefits.

See what we mean:

When you make a transaction on Oxalus NFT Aggregator, you will get 50% cash back on the “gas fee”. With this additional bonus, you save 88% of transactions and receive 50% cash back, which can help boost your overall rewards total. 

  • Event period: Dec 12th – Dec 31st, 2022

Conditions of participation

  • Anyone trading NFT on our platform from Dec 12th – Dec 31st, 2022.
  • Had paid the total gas fee must be at least 0.02 BNB.

Got Questions? We’re Here To Help!

1. How can I join the Oxalus NFT Aggregator cash-back 50% gas fee program?

Login your crypto wallet (Oxalus Wallet or other crypto wallets) to the platform, and start trading and saving more. 

2. Does cashback have a limit?

There is no maximum limit on the amount of cashback, but it must be at least 0.01 BNB.

3. Can I have more than one account on Oxalus NFT platform?

Yes, you can connect different wallets on our platform. However, the minimum requirement amount will be counted for each wallet.

4. Does cashback apply to failed transactions?

Unfortunately, no. Cashback is only applied to successful transactions.

5. How can I find out how much cashback I have earned?

You can check your wallet address by checking the list with the address and cashback amount.

6. Why does my actual gas amount not match the list?

Cashback is only available for transactions through Oxalus Aggregator. There may be a delay in the data, so please be patient and check back later.

Despite 24 hours, if the data still appears to be incorrect, please send us a ticket (please choose “Oxalus NFT Aggregator” when prompted “Which product are you using?”).

7. When and how can I receive my cash back?

The cashback can be claimed 7 days after the event is over.
You will receive instructions on how to claim your cashback.

8. If I don’t want to claim the reward in this time, can I save it for later?

No, sorry. We recommend requesting a cash-back amount within 7 days after the event ends. After that, we will close the reward system.

Check out more FAQs

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