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Mystery Boxes: New Minigame On Oxalus Wallet

Promos Mar 1 2023
Mystery Boxes Oxalus Wallet

It’s a lucky game of colossal fun! You can win cash prizes every time you play from a super prize pool of $78,000 in $USDT. Each player has a free ticket to open the Mystery Box when daily check-in on Oxalus Wallet. Plus, collect more tickets to open better boxes.

Tap to open the big cash prizes! Play Now!

How To Play?

  • Complete missions to earn tickets and exchange turns to open Mystery Boxes (1 turn = 1 ticket).
  • After every 3 turns, the Mystery Box will be refreshed to increase your chances of winning.

The Rules

  • Daily check-in (login) in Oxalus Wallet: FREE 1 ticket/day
  • Keep the balance ≥ $500 until the end of the day: 3 tickets/day (tickets will be added to the next day)
  • Transfer over $50: 1 ticket/transaction (Maximum 3 tickets/day)
  • Swap over $100: 2 tickets/transaction (unlimited ticket)
  • Successfully refer friends: 1 ticket/Invitee (unlimited ticket).

Lucky Pass – Jackpot Reward

Let’s play 30 mystery boxes per week to collect your “Lucky Number”.

We will live stream to pick the lucky numbers of the week. There are 3 lucky numbers for each week corresponding to 3 prizes: 1st prize, 2nd prize, and 3rd prize.

  • Week 1: $150 – $50
  • Week 2: $250 – $100
  • Week 3: $350 – $200 – $50
  • Week 4: $500 – $300 – $100

Frequently Asked Question

1. How can I receive the rewards?

Tap on “My rewards” button at the upper right corner, then click “Claim All” to receive $USDT rewards.

2. Do I need to pay a gas fee to claim the rewards?

For each claim transaction, you may be charged a network fee of about 0,09$.

3. How much is each gift box worth?

Values of $0.5, $1, $5, $10,… will appear randomly in the mystery boxes.

4. How many boxes can I play with?

There is no limit to the number of mystery boxes you can play. So don’t hesitate to collect more tickets.

5. How to refer successful a friend?

The Invitees enter your referral code, make a transaction > $1 after that. They will be counted as a successful Invitee from you.

About Oxalus Wallet

Oxalus Wallet is a secure crypto wallet for NFT, users can buy, swap, exchange, invest, and manage their NFTs and other digital assets. 

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