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How To Transfer & Receive Crypto With Oxalus Wallet?

Product Oct 8 2022
Transfer and Receive cryptocurrency

Although “crypto” is recognized as a kind of intuitive “currency”, sending and receiving it is different from using a credit card or PayPal to transfer funds. But once you’ve learned it, the process of managing your cryptocurrencies with an on-chain wallet is a piece of cake. 

This article is a complete and essential guide made for you to get started with Oxalus Wallet. Come read it to learn how to transfer & receive crypto with our user-friendly wallet and feel more self-confident with your blockchain journey.

How Do I Transfer Crypto

Although owning a currency token is effortless, you’ll put a lot of effort into finding the fastest way to transfer it. With Oxalus Wallet, you’ll find not only the fastest but also the most convenient way to make your transactions. Here’s how you can do it!

The instructions are as follows:
Step 1: Access the Transfer Screen from the Home screen or in your token detail
Step 2: Enter the amount and the token
Step 3: Select Recipient
You could select the recipient using one of the three options listed below:

  • Paste or scan the public address of the recipient. We encourage users to scan the receiving QR code, which is a much faster and error-free process.
  • Input the recipient’s “Domain Name” instead of public address. To identify somebody it’s much easier to use a domain name instead of a string of letters and numbers.
    Oxalus Wallet was one of the first DeFi wallets that allows users to make transactions by .bnb and .eth domains.
  • If you already have addresses saved in your contact list, just choose them

Why Should You Use Oxalus Wallet To Transfer Cryptocurrency?

1. Save Time

Making transactions more efficient with simple processes. No more wasting time understanding how the transfer works because you are directed step by step. Once you get familiar with Oxalus, you can make it done in less than 3 seconds.

2. It Keeps Track of All Your Transactions

This is really useful if you need to review the transaction information after making transactions. You can also be notified immediately when transactions are completed or not.

3. No Additional or Hidden Charges

You will only be charged a gas fee while transferring tokens in Oxalus Wallet. We do not charge a service fee or any other price to make you lose more money. 

How Do I Receive Crypto

1. QR Code

Thanks to this “QR card” feature, you are allowed to share the correct wallet address with the sender rapidly. As a product builder, we help the transaction flow more easily, reduce time, and avoid unnecessary problems.

One more tip, you can save the QR code address as an eye-catching image on the smartphone which it’s not only your wallet but also your style!

2. Wallet Card

Open “Account” tab, copy your Oxalus wallet address at the wallet card.


Do you have a glimpse of the 3 simple steps above? Practice makes perfect, so it’s better to practice sending transactions back and forth to yourself with minimal value. 

To sum up, Oxalus Wallet is a good customer-centric wallet trusted for storing your assets that has the following features:

  • Time-saving
  • No additional or hidden fees
  • All your transactions are kept track

If you have questions about Oxalus Wallet, please go to help.oxalus.io or direct contact support team at [email protected]

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