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How To Manage Your NFTs in Oxalus Wallet

Product Oct 28 2022
NFT management

Oxalus Wallet already supports NFTs on many blockchains (such as BNB, ETH, Polygon, etc), you can easily receive, send view and manage your NFTs and digital asset. Especially, we are the only wallet support that manages web3 game assets. In this guide, we’ll go through some tips to manage your NFTs in Oxalus Wallet. 

1. Manage All NFTs In One Account

Kindly note that each crypto wallet app has only one account; in that account, you can create multi wallets. When your NFTs assets are spread over multiple wallets, it can be tough to remember vividly how many NFTs you have.

For example, suppose you have five wallets, each with 2-3 NFTs. If you don’t take notes, you’ll almost likely forget which NFT has associated with which wallet and how many NFTs each wallet holds.

Put it all in one account that has multiple wallets to manage all digital assets easier. Oxalus Wallet makes it simple to switch wallets with just a “Long press”. Now you can view all your NFTs and gaming assets of Oxalus Games (Mones, Gunfire Avax, Gunfire Polygon) in one place.

Read here for how you can use Multi-wallets in Oxalus Wallet: https://oxalus.io/insights/how-to-manage-multiple-wallets-with-oxalus-wallet

2. Manage NFTs by Category

The more assets you have, the more difficult it may be to keep track of them all. In Oxalus Wallet you can view all NFTs in two ways to find and manage your assets easier.

NFT Custom view

View by Collection

This view mode allows you information about the collections and the number of items in the collections. Collection views are useful when a collection contains a large number of NFTs. You can not only simply find NFTs in a collection, but also know how many NFTs you have in that collection.

  • Game: Displays the game Name, number of NFTs, cover game, and blockchain network. 
  • Collectibles: Display the collectible name and number of NFTs. 
  • Domain: Display the website address where provide NFT domains.

The flow of displaying the information will move on as follow: When you tab to an item, we will show you the Introduction, and specific NFT. Continue to tab to any NFTs to see more NFTs detail including description, quantity, NFT ID, standard, blockchain network, and contract address.

View by Item

Collection view is unnecessary if you own numerous and diverse NFTs. At that point, you must know the exact amount of NFTs you own. Each NFT is an item, we arrange NFTs of the same network to be next to each other.
And before you click on NFTs detail, you will be shown a visual overview of an NFT, which will include:

  • Name of NFTs
  • Name of collection of that NFTs
  • Number items of NFT (ERC 1155)
  • Blockchain network

3. Hide NFTs 

Have you ever been surprised to discover a bunch of NFTs in your wallet but can’t remember how you get them?

Someone sent you an NFT with the purpose of promoting or scamming you. In these cases, staring at unneeded things will make you annoyed. 

You want to hide them because just don’t want to show off the old NFTs, are not interested in them anymore, and for some reason or other.

Take into account that NFTs can only be hidden now, but not deleted in Oxalus Wallet!

So that we introduce to you our hide/unhide NFTs feature. It’s super simple!

To Hide NFTs

On NFTs detail, tap the three-dot icon > Hide.

To Unhide NFTs

You can always view your hidden NFTs in the “Hidden” tab, and tap “Unhide” at the NFTs you want to show again. That’s all! 

Have any questions? Join our Telegram and don’t be shy! We’re here to give you assistance.

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