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How Secure Is Your Oxalus Wallet?

Product Dec 15 2022

Security is the primary concern for anything that’s on the crypto wallet. We have received many controversial questions regarding “Is crypto wallet safe?”, “How secure is Oxalus Wallet?” or “What are the security tips on Oxalus Wallet?”, etc. At Oxalus Wallet, one of our core goals is to develop a high-security product and match advanced solutions to Web3 problems. The following are security algorithms that Oxalus Wallet used to encrypt data and help users protect their privacy.

How Does Oxalus Wallet Work?

Many users have thought about how their assets are safe while using a crypto wallet, including:

  • Whether their seed phrase or private key leak?
  • Crypto wallet hacked due to harmful software

Owning a crypto wallet which means you have your own bank, you protect your assets, no one else! Let’s look closer to see how Oxalus solves those problems.

1. Oxalus Wallet Does Not Keep The Seed Phrase & Private Key

Do you worry about your seed phrase or the private key will be revealed when importing your wallet into a new application? 

Safe to say that Oxalus Wallet is a secure crypto wallet.

  • Do not store or keep your seed phrase and private key!
  • Do not copy and reveal your seed phrase and private key!
  • Do not have access to any information on your smartphone

Oxalus Wallet has been verified by Verichain, a firm trusted by projects noted names such as Kyber Network and BNB Chain. It’s proud to declare that we will never use harmful programs to store your seed phrase. Our team will never ask you to provide your personal or private data to access safety information, troubleshoot, or request any support.

2. Oxalus Wallet Encrypts Your Seed Phrase & Private Key

When your wallet is hacked by malicious code, you are concerned that your seed phrase will be exposed to the bad guy.

In this case, Oxalus Wallet provides a secure solution: Encrypt your phrase and private key!

When you copy, import, or enter your seed phrase and private key in Oxalus Wallet, we will encrypt those 12 keys into a meaningless string of signatures. So the only thing the bad guys can obtain is encrypted characters – they will never interpret the private data behind them.

Only you and you’re device keep the encryption code – it means no one can grapple this string (include Oxalus Wallet – we just write code to protect your seed phrase/ private key)

3. Oxalus Wallet Use Highly Protection Password

Oxalus Wallet refers to a complicated password because it is much more complicated than a short PIN code and they’re more secure!

We request a password when:

  • You open the application,
  • When you want to back up the seed phrase and private key.

The more options you have for each character, in doing so the harder the password is to crack while someone has your phone in their hands.


You’ve done the humanly possible: don’t share the password, seed phrase, or private key, never use the wallet on a shared device and do your own research before joining any projects, promotion events, websites, or 3rd party to ensure that your Oxalus Wallet will not be compromised. 

The methods that we mentioned above make you safe than 99%, the most hackers will have a worst hard time with you!

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