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Digital Assets Management Solution With Oxalus Wallet

Product Nov 8 2022
Oxalus Wallet - Manage assets

Digital assets trading and management require a solution to ensure safety and user protection. As a technology provider, we race with the growth of digital asset service operators alongside the management of risk. We believe that blockchain for asset management is the future and it provides strong security against manipulation and creates a trusted technology. Oxalus Wallet will help you in your journey to managing digital assets better!

What Assets and Networks Oxalus Wallet Supported?

4 EVM-compatible Networks 

Oxalus Wallet is a head of supporting users to interact with the blockchain, so we choose the most outstanding chains to help users can easily manipulate with DEX, CEX, and dozens of NFTs marketplace. The following networks are already configured as well:

  • BNB Chain
  • Avalanche C-Chain 
  • Polygon
  • Ethereum 

As a multi-chain wallet, we have always aimed to simplify the experience of storing, tracking, and managing assets for users. Therefore, instead of having to switch between different blockchain as MetaMask, Rainbow Wallet, and Trust Wallet, you can track all your assets across networks on a single screen with Oxalus Wallet. By monitoring your portfolio of assets on all networks, you could easily control your total assets in a second.

All ERC-20 Tokens On Top 4 Chains 

With all of the ERC-20 standard tokens in the top 11K on CoinMaketCap, Oxalus Wallet will display your token on your account. However, with the proliferation of tokens on Ethereum and other networks, Oxalus Wallet can’t list all of the tokens on the market yet. But we allow you to add any ERC-20 compliant token you hold. 

Here are 3 steps to add other tokens

Step 1: On the main screen, click the “Token” icon in the navigation bar

Step 2: Tap the “Manage” Token, then “+”

Step 3: Paste the token address or type in words contained in the token you would like to search.  

One-stop Digital Asset Management

Hide/Unhide Token

For any reason, you don’t want to see your token anymore. You can hide the token from your asset list. But this does not mean your assets will be lost, they still belong to you, and here is the way you can hide and unhide your token:
Step 1: Open tab “Token” and the Adjustment Button on the top right.

Step 2: Select the token you want to hide 

Step 3: Tap on your token and done

After enabling the “Hide” function, the tokens have zero balances. 

“Unhide token” is the same way as the “Hide” token. Tap on the token you wish to unhide. And, all done, your balance will be displayed fully.

Aware of Tokens Scam

Once pasted the token address, you will receive an alert from the Oxalus team if the token is reported as spam by a large number of addresses.

Here at Oxalus Wallet, one of our goals is to make exploring the blockchain world safe, easy, and efficient. Therefore, we strongly condemn such fraudulent activities that harm your funds and always give you the best solution to stay far away from that.

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