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Catch Bugs, Earn Rewards with Oxalus NFT Aggregator

Business Nov 16 2022
Oxalus Aggregator Catch bugs, Get bucks

In celebration of Oxalus NFT Aggregator’s launch, we are offering a Bug Bounty Event for all users. Your prompt feedback will be greatly appreciated!

Total Prize Pool: $134.4

The 16 most valuable feedbacks will be rewarded.

– 8 Prizes of $8
– 8 Prizes of $8.8

Due to the bugs and feedback you report, you may receive more than one prize. The more significant the bug, the better your chances of winning!

Time to submit: Nov 16 – Dec 23, 2022

(Rewards will be announced and given 7 days after the event ends)

How to join

  • Submit a ticket here to report bugs or provide feedback about Oxalus NFT Aggregator (make sure you select Oxalus NFT Aggregator in the “Which product are you using?” field)

How to claim your rewards

To get your rewards after the event, follow these two easy steps

  • Login to your Oxalus Wallet
  • Visit “Account” – “Rewards” – “Airdrop” to see your lucky rewards and grab them.

About Oxalus NFT Aggregator

Introducing Oxalus NFT Aggregator – Truly Your Profitable NFT Aggregator, a place where you can buy all the best NFTs with max profit and mini cost. Oxalus NFT Aggregator helps you save 88% gas fees when trading so that you can maximize profits.

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