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A Simple Guide On How to Buy NFTs With Oxalus Wallet

Product Jan 10 2023

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital assets that are unique and cannot be replaced or exchanged for other assets. They are often used to represent things like artwork, music, and other collectibles. They can be bought and sold on NFT marketplaces. Here are a few steps to navigating you from a crypto wallet direct to the NFT market, and avoiding scams.

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3 Steps To Buy NFTs With The Oxalus Wallet:

1. Deposit Funds

Your wallet needs to have a cryptocurrency that is supported by each NFT marketplace. 

For instance, Oxalus NFT Aggegrator now supports NFT on the BNB chain, therefore transactions require BNB, or to make transactions via Opensea you need ETH, AVAX, MATUC, KLAY and SOL.

Make sure to share the correct wallet address to deposit/receive the cryptocurrencies you want!

2. Find An NFT marketplace

  • Access “DApps” gateway: In the “Gateway” tab, tap on “DApps” and choose one of the marketplaces we listed in the category Marketplace & Aggregator. 

    Or type any marketplace you want into the search bar on the “Gateway” tab.
  • Purchasing an NFT on the marketplace: Look up and choose the NFTs you wish to purchase.

3. Buy NFT

When you find an NFT you want to buy, you can simply select it and follow the prompts to complete the purchase.

  • Confirm the NFT purchase: Find the Buy/Purchase button and confirm the transactions on the wallet to complete the purchase process.
  • View the NFTs: Finally, click on the “NFT” tab on Oxalus Wallet to see the NFTs you bought before. If you don’t see NFTs, don’t worry too much, it’s possible that your network speed is a little slow at that moment. Come back later or wait for it a minute!

One more thing: You’ll need to specify the amount of cryptocurrency you want to spend and confirm the transaction. 

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What Problem Do We Solve?

We offer here a process to help users solve limitations during the NFT purchase process:

  • Connect the crypto wallet to another device.
  • Marketplaces do not support buying NFT directly in one device.

To buy an NFT, you have to browse the website for hours and then confirm transactions on the mobile wallet app. Another way of using marketplace applications such as Opensea, NFTGo, and Magic Eden but they still have not supported buying directly NFTs, you have to use another crypto wallet to confirm and buy NFTs. It is a complicated, time-consuming, and inconvenient process.

With Oxalus Wallet, investors can expect to buy NFT in one place, on one device, and your asset will come to your wallet within a few seconds after the payment has been confirmed. Simple yet assuring enough no?

Frequency Ask Questions

1. Why did my transaction fail?
There are 2 error mistakes with failed transactions:

  • Out-of-gas fee: This happens when your transaction’s gas limit was set too low, leading to your transaction being pending and unable to be completed.
  • NFTs are not available: This occurs when the NFT is bought by a new one.

You can view your transaction on BSCscan and check the Activities to see why!

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