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60s Analytics: Leading The Leaderboard Of Owls Collection. What’s Next With This Shark?

60s Analytics Mar 8 2023

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Over the last few days, the Owls collection has seen an unexpected rise in popularity. Though many wallet addresses have profited from this collection, the top wallet address has minted a total of 511 NFTs and earned almost 55 ETH in profit, an impressive feat given that the collection’s floor price is currently only about 0.15. Additionally, this trader has a good PnL, so we have added this address to our watchlist.

Today we’ve seen some new mint transactions from this wallet address, with 2 collections: The Escher Edition with an average cost of 0.0008 ETH and AIcrostics with an average cost of 0.0024 ETH. Currently, the floor price of these 2 collections is 0.0016 ETH and 0.0019 ETH, respectively, this means that this trader has doubled the profit with The Escher Edition. At the time of writing, this wallet address is still holding all the NFTs.

Source: NFTGo

When looking through the hot mints in the last 24 hours, both of these are also in the top 3. In addition, they both have characteristics that are most interesting today: Escher Edition is an open-edition collection with simple drawings, quite similar to Check VV, while AIcrostics includes poems generated by OpenAI, the most talked about Bot right now. Besides, both of these collections are free to mint, so the only cost you have to pay is the gas fee. Currently, Escher Edition is still allowing minting, and you have 8 hours left to join if you want to own one. Please note that all of the above information is personal opinion and not investment advice, so be sure to DYOR carefully before making a decision.

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