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60s Analytics: Gem V2 Is Coming. Is There Any Airdrop?

60s Analytics Mar 3 2023

Gem.xyz, an NFT marketplace, has allowed users to experience its V2 version since the end of last year. Although there are rumors about an airdrop, Gem’s Twitter account has yet to make an official announcement. Recently, there have been indications that there will almost certainly be an airdrop for users, such as Blur did.

Firstly, @vasa_develop (Gem’s developer) dropped a hint about the airdrop on Twitter, but the tweet was quickly deleted. Secondly, if you look at the diamond icon in the corner of the web page, you’ll see a hint of the score, which seems pretty similar to how Blur’s airdrop works.

With OpenSea having acquired Gem, they can compete with Blur in attracting professional traders with this second product, while OpenSea will still focus on casual users. You can still register to experience Gem V2 here. All you need to do is buy, sell, list, and take a moment each day to comment on the project discord to increase your chances. Other platforms like Zonic and Alienswap have announced airdrops, so we can expect the next big Gem airdrop soon.

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