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5 Tips To Earn Cash-Back On Oxalus Wallet Multi-Level Referral Events

Promos Oct 17 2022

October 2022, Oxalus Wallet offers a unique multi-level event that allows you to configure many different types of cash-back structures with up to 5 tiers of referrals.

In this event, users can build their referral tree to adapt to the referral cash-back event. Cash-back structure can be configured separately for each level. Oxalus Wallet team set up fixed rates for each level. This is much more common among our referral events before. 

We pay referrals at the expense of Oxalus Wallet. This means that the earnings of the involved partner don’t decrease and the user’s fee doesn’t increase in any way. 93.72% Swap fee will be back to users, we are willing to reduce our own earnings to pay the referral cash-back. 

It’s a win, win, win.

Let’s find out what’s special about this multi-level referral event:

How the Multi-Level Referral Event Works

How To Participate In The Referral Event

This event is open to all registered users. Here are four easy steps to get started:

1. Already installed Oxalus Wallet on your device. 

2. Copy your unique referral code

3. Share your referral link with friends, we recommend adding it to the bio of your social media profile or website, and/or distributing it via emails, messengers, and forums.

4. Your friends need to make a Swap transaction

How Much You Can Earn?

Everyone who registers at Oxalus Wallet and filled-out your referral code will become your referral. If your F1 referrals start to Swap a total of $100,000, you will receive $600; next level referral continues to introduce successfully, and you also receive the cash-back from that. Ideally, “First Tier Is King”.

Let’s look at an example:

If all F1 referrals make Swap transactions with Oxalus Wallet, their friends transact an amount of $100,000.

All F2 referrals Swap with a total amount of $70,000.

All F3 referrals also Swap with a total amount of $70,000.

All F4 referrals continue to Swap a total amount of $50,000.

All F5 referrals Swap a total amount of $50,000

The F0 Swap fee cash-back received will be calculated as follows:

From F1: $100,000 * 0,8% * 75% = $600

From F2: $70,000 * 0.8% * 15% = $84

From F3: $70,000 * 0.8% * 3% = $16.8

From F4: $50,000 * 0.8% * 0.6% = $2.4

From F5: 50,000 * 0.8% * 0.12% = $0.48

You will receive $600 from the F1 level, $84 from the F2 level, $16.8 from the F3 level, $2.4 from the F4 level, and $0.48 from the F5 level.

Consequently, the total cash-back to F0 is $703,68.

You can earn any amount, but it is important to understand that the beauty of referrals is in high-value transactions.

Special note: Anyone who has not made a Swap transaction on Oxalus Wallet ever is eligible to join this event.

5 Tips for Attracting Referrals

1. Use the Social Media Sharing Buttons

One of the easiest ways to share this event is by using the social sharing button.

Click on the social network icon to automatically create a post that contains a brief description of Oxalus Wallet event and a link to join the Oxalus Wallet with your ID.

2. Compare Referral Events

In a post, you can speak about several referral events honestly. Note the pros and cons of each, based on your personal experience or other users’ feedback. 

So your friends and everyone will make the right choice, they will learn more about our event and participate with you.

3. Share Your Personal Cash-back With Oxalus Wallet

One of the advantages of Oxalus Wallet Multi-level referral event is that you don’t have to pay any fee.

Anyone who has not made a transaction on Oxalus Wallet ever can join this event, they’ll be rewarded. It’s a kind of cashback system.

4. Add Your Referral Code To The Most Viewed Places

Place a short description of the event and your referral code on your social profile or a post. If you have an email marketing database, you can also introduce that. Easier, you can put the referral code in your email signature.

5. Promote Multi-Level Events With Social Media Ads

We recommend reaching out to a huge participant community, you can attract paid traffic to your post of fourth tips, via targeted advertising on social networks like Facebook or Instagram.

Here is the full list of eligible tips to join and promote your referral code. We know you’re excited about it, now it’s time to get your friends excited too!

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