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Claim NFT of the team you think will win The 2022 FIFA World Cup and take home our Champion's Pool of up to $1,520,500. Download Oxalus Wallet now and start supporting your national team for only 0.015 BNB!

General Information


Purchase prediction ticket for World Cup Championsas an NFT with $BNB. If the team you predict wins the entire thing, you and other firm believers share the Champion's Pool. If your team is eliminated, holders of those NFTs are eligible for a Community Raffle.

Prize Pool: This time we introduce 2 pools:
  • Champion's Pool: For winners of the prediction event: $500 from Oxalus and increases over time.
  • Community Raffle Pool: For eliminated team's fans. $10 to random NFT holders. (Taken after Group Stage)
How to join:
  • To enter the event, buy an NFT of the team that you think will be the 2022 World Cup Champions. After the Finals, all the money in the Champion's Pool will be equally distributed to each holder of a Champions' NFT.
  • Each NFT will only cost 0.015 BNB before the Group Stage begins and can only be purchased through Oxalus Wallet.
  • If you wish to purchase these NFTs in later rounds, the price would be much higher since your team of choice would have a greater chance of being crowned World Cup Champions. So make your purchase NOW if you are a believer.
Timeline: NFTs are eligible to claim from November 4th, 2022 till the first match of the team that NFT represents in the Group Stage.


1 Is my NFT transferable?
2 When can I claim my reward?
3 When does the Community Raffle Pool be distributed to users?
4 Can I enter the event multiple times?
5 How do I earn OWP?
6 How do I refer a friend on Oxalus?

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